MIS Integrations

We integrate MyConcern with a very wide variety of school and college MIS systems

Our MIS Partners

Because we are SIMS chosen safeguarding partner we have our own direct integration tool to link MyConcern to SIMS 

We integrate all the major MIS Providers

By using third-party ‘off-the shelf’ integration tools available from Groupcall or Wonde we are also able to integrate MyConcern with: 


The cost of this integration is included within your annual licence fee. 


Available Soon

We are advised that Groupcall will shortly be introducing a further connector for: 


For MIS systems for which an integration tool is not already available we are able to use a ‘scripted’ method to achieve an automatic integration. This means that we can integrate MyConcern with the vast majority of school and college MIS systems including Unit-e, ProMonitor and Tribal EBS. In this instance your integration tool will be subject to additional development time. Consequently a one-off integration fee will be chargeable on a purely cost-recovery basis and this will be agreed with you at the time of purchase. 

Please advise us of your MIS system when requesting a quote so that we can provide an accurate quotation for you.